MVP Award


October 1st about 17:00 (GMT+1) I receive mail from Title of the message was “Congratulations 2012 Microsoft MVP!

I was very exciting that moment, and I feel very proud, and happy. It was hard to get this award from Microsoft, and now I’m stimulated to keep it.

For those who want became MVP one wise man said (he will know): MVP is way of life

VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Tomislav Bronzin, Alessandro Teglia (MVP lead for CEE and Italy),  Microsoft Croatia, Ilija Brajkovic, Adis Jugo, Nenad Trajkovski, Igor Pavlekovic, Marin Frankovic,  Robert Petrunic, Tomica Kaniski, Marko Culo, Marko Sever and Drasko Ivanisevic. If I forgot somebody please don’t be angry at me.

Also THANKS  to my wife (she is so patient) and to my nine month kid (he does not understand anything now but…). They are also part of my success.

And for final I want congratulate to my new MVP colleagues: Romeo Mlinar and Spaso Lazarevic, and old MVP’s to renewal.

Best regards