Windows Intune – part 4. – Adding domains. (survival guide)

Hi all

I didn’t write for last month and half. Why? I had some very positive tremors in my life, and good news is on the way. Just watch my LinkedIn profile Smiješak

At 3rd April I will have presentation about Private Cloud based on System Center 2012 tools at MS NetWork 3.0 conference. More info about conference can be founded here

At the end of April I will have another one presentation. This one will be at WinDays 13, and I will speak about System Center Configuration Manager 2012 and Windows Intune. More info about WinDays 13 can be founded here

Link to both conference can be founded at right side of my blog (under logos).

I’m still working a lot with Windows Intune, so my today post is describing how to add your personal domain to Windows Intune.

First log in to (portal for adding/manage users and groups)

Then go to Domains on your left side and click “Add a domain”.


New window will open and in this window you must specify domain you want to add in your Windows Intune subscription


Click “Next”. Now you have to add host record in your DNS server. Host record varies and it is different for every domain and Windows Intune subscription. TTL time must be 1 hour. Here is example.


After you done that. Don’t click “verify”! Wait, about 30 minutes and then click “Verify”. In most cases your domain will be verified and you will have your domain added to Windows Intune (as I have my domain). In rare cases you will have to wait up to 72 hours to verify your domain (as you can see in disclaimer).


If you don’t have time to wait. You can click “cancel” you will not lose changes you made. Your domain will be prepared and waiting for verification.


Have nice day

WinDays 13

Today Microsoft Croatia starts with Early Bird registrations for Windays 13 conference.

Windays 13 will be held in Umag from 22 – 26 April 2013.

More about conference and Early Bird registration can be found here

If you want to present on Windays 13 you can nominate your presentation here

MVP Award


October 1st about 17:00 (GMT+1) I receive mail from Title of the message was “Congratulations 2012 Microsoft MVP!

I was very exciting that moment, and I feel very proud, and happy. It was hard to get this award from Microsoft, and now I’m stimulated to keep it.

For those who want became MVP one wise man said (he will know): MVP is way of life

VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Tomislav Bronzin, Alessandro Teglia (MVP lead for CEE and Italy),  Microsoft Croatia, Ilija Brajkovic, Adis Jugo, Nenad Trajkovski, Igor Pavlekovic, Marin Frankovic,  Robert Petrunic, Tomica Kaniski, Marko Culo, Marko Sever and Drasko Ivanisevic. If I forgot somebody please don’t be angry at me.

Also THANKS  to my wife (she is so patient) and to my nine month kid (he does not understand anything now but…). They are also part of my success.

And for final I want congratulate to my new MVP colleagues: Romeo Mlinar and Spaso Lazarevic, and old MVP’s to renewal.

Best regards


MobilityDay 2012

I’m one of the speaker at conference Mobility Day.


Mobility Day will be at September 27. in Zagreb.

You can register for watching online, or you can come to conference Smile

Conference have four tracks: Business, Smart Devices, Development and ITPro track.

My presentation will be in ITPro track and I will speak about how to use mobile devices in enterprise environment.

More about my presentation can be founded here

Best regards


Microsoft Private Cloud Solution

January 17 Satya Nadella announced System Center 2012 as a Microsoft solution form manage private cloud.

System Center 2012 unites 8 independent components to one full management solution. The newest thing is System Center 2012 Unified Installer

System Center 2012 You can evaluate for free at Microsoft Server & Cloud Platform website